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      Rich development experience in international client service

      Infocode Information Technology Co Ltd , IT professional services.
      7x24h Full service

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      China Wechat development

      More than 200 wechat projects have been developed

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      China H5 development

      Infocode have experience in H5 planning, H5 design, H5 development and H5 operation

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      Mini program development

      Provide wechat applet development services

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      Your trusted service provider

      Over the past seven years, Infocode have served many of the world's top 500 companies

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      China Wechat development

      Your trusted service provider

      Infocode Information Technology Co., Ltd

      Provide you with professional website solutions: website development, small program development, H5 development, H5 small game development, B2C mall, consulting planning, mobile internet era to make your business stand out Rich international first-line brand project development and operation experience, server operation and maintenance, website security, CND acceleration, load balancing technology, 7*24 hours escort

      VR virtual reality solutions

      VR- Virtual Reality Solution

      VR development

      Your idea, perfectly presented

      Virtual reality technology, by providing multiple sensations in the experience, provides users with more complete performance and higher participation in a virtual environment, and an unforgettable experience takes your brand to a new leve

      We have a wealth of VR panoramic shooting experience and panoramic 3D production experience, to provide you with a professional VR panoramic solution

      Mobile technology solution

      Mobile Technology Solution

      Easily build mobile

      H5 development, WeChat applet development, easy to solve PC and Moble data synchronization, high device compatibility support

      With the application of CDN acceleration and load balancing technology, we have solved the problem of large traffic and high concurrency during the social campaign of many large international brands, ensuring perfect activities.

      iOS, Android mobile development customization

      Provide high-quality IOS, Android development design services, provide one-stop consulting, planning, customization, development services.

      China Wechat development China Wechat development

      Online activity solution

      Online Activity Solution

      China H5 development

      Rich online H5, small program activity experience

      We have rich experience in online activities, integrating planning, design, development, testing, operation, report analysis, custom online answering, online lottery, online red envelope, award-winning survey, H5 games, online collar Cards and other situational activities

      Perfectly determined the large-volume and high-concurrency issues of hundreds of thousands of users during the Campaign period of several large international brands, ensuring perfect activities.

      Digital marketing solutions

      Digital Marketing Solutions

      We provide new media agent operation, e-mail marketing, SMS marketing, SEM marketing, SEO outsourcing services and other comprehensive solutions for different industry customers

      China Digital marketing


      Infocode News

      Tips: 為您提供H5開發、小程序開發、微信開發、網站開發、小程序商城開發、SEO網站優化、視頻后期制作等定制化開發服務

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